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Where are Daria and Jane Now?


In their 30s, Daria and Jane live in New York. They're queer. Uninterested in motherhood, though Daria speculates from time to time. Both are career-oriented.

Jane is a jack of all trades- a freelancer, mostly graphic design. She is working on a new gallery show. One with actors and immersive 3D elements. Something to do with a haunted painting she saw 2 years ago. She's a former smoker, occasional drinker, occasional cocaine user, frequent pot smoker. she may have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, but she keeps her love life private. She is either very happy, very insane, or addicted to drugs; she doesn't know for certain. she tries to live faster than she can think.

Daria is singleish with a staff position at the New Yorker. She's Doing research for her second book. It's a True Crime thing that used to interest her, but not really anymore. The manuscript is very late. She drinks wine too much. She wants a cat but she also doesn't want a cat. She's More repressed than she'd like to be at her age. Enjoys sex sometimes but is mostly bored by it.

Both still surviving mostly on pizza.
But also coffee.


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