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Freddy Krueger's Dnd Pathfinder Class & Race/RPG Video Game Stats


Hola Blingos,
Haunted Fembot here. I have a few RPG Nerd thoughts about this 8 Bit Freddy Character Screen.
I depicted our beloved Freddy as an evil wizard, whose attacks are primarily magic. He may also belong to some demon race that jacks him all the way up with bonuses for evil deity worship. ( This has no basis in the films, I just feel like he must be doing some minion stuff for Torag or Loviator or something to sustain all his evil abilities?)
It seems to me that he destroys his enemies by first casting a high level Fear Spell to confuse and debilitate and then he moves on to the dismembering, burning, torture ETCETERA. ETCETERA.
What class do you think he is? Do you think he is more of a lawful evil cleric than a wizard? is he a multiclass?

---Bleeop Blork---
- HF

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