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10 Fun Facts About the Addams Family & Addams Family Values

  1. Addams Family Values, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, was released in 1993

  2.  The film opened at number one during its initial weekend with a reported total of $14,117,545. In its second week, the film dropped to number two behind Mrs. Doubtfire.

  3. Its final domestic box office take was $48,919,043, a significant decline from the previous film's domestic total of $113,502,426.

  4. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Art Direction (Ken Adam, Marvin March), but lost to Schindler's List

  5. The Addams Family was originally created in 1938 by Charles Addams. At that time, it was a one-panel cartoon that ran in The New Yorker

  6. The first Addams Family Television series was a live-action, half- hour sitcom that ran from 1964-1966

  7. The Addams Family’s first animated appearance was on the third episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies which aired in 1972 on Saturday mornings on CBS

  8. In 1973, The Addams Family got their own animated series which ran on Saturday mornings on NBC from 1973-197“Addams Family Values” was supposed to feature a song by Michael Jackson called “Addams Groove/ Family Thing”, but the song was removed because of contractual differences.

  9. **Jackson is referenced in the film via a “ Heal the World” poster which appears in the Harmony Hut. This poster horrifies Joel. This link goes to the clip on youtube.

  10. Sonnenfeld makes a cameo in the film as Joel Blicker's Father.

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